A new peak in audio aesthetics – Teufel Motiv 10

8. April 2009 0 Von ramses77

Lautsprecher TeufelThe Motiv 10 tops the list in Teufel’s range of designer loudspeakers, featuring craftsmanship, aesthetics and technological advancement. This speaker set fuses ultra-compact shape with amazing volume levels and yet stays true to its distinguished and timeless design.

The original Motiv 10 look was created by the award-winning designer Peter Tschimmel. Aesthetics with a purely classical feel are at the very core of this modern home theatre system. These speakers are designed to integrate unassumingly into your living room, and to not dominate it. This idea initially set the stage for the creation of particularly compact loudspeakers that can still meet all standards, no matter how high, of a digital home theatre.



The MO 10 FCR and MO 10 D satellite speakers feature a high-tech chassis capable of generating a rich surround sound experience from within a 1.9-litre aluminium enclosure. Not a single musical element is lost. For high frequencies, we use newly developed 25 mm tweeters that reproduce the high frequencies in their full dynamic range and rich in detail. The cooling system of the tweeters handles loads up to 130 W with ease, an amazing feat when you consider the speaker’s compact design. As a result the sound is remarkably undistorted even at high levels. Both of the 8 cm metal chassis of the midrange drivers perfectly complement the tweeters thanks to the skilful alignment of the filters.

Test and Technical Data: Teufel-Motiv 10 Homecinema


The satellite speakers are aided by the completely redesigned A 1000 SW subwoofer, which has been significantly improved since its predecessor, the Motiv 1, in every aspect – featuring more volume, more power and a larger diaphragm surface. The result is an extremely pleasurable bass experience in rooms sized up to 35 m².
The Motiv 10 represents the ultimate in design, manufacturing and technology currently available in the smallest space possible. Its ultra-compact design makes no compromises when it comes to playback on home theatre and hi-fi equipment. Size is no indication of performance.



This miniature satellite speaker, with its mere 1.9-litre volume, is the main player in the Motiv 10 series. It can be used as front, centre and rear loudspeaker, linearly reproducing all frequencies between 110 and 22,000 Hz. Each speaker can still achieve a maximum sound pressure of 97 dB (at a distance of 1 m).
The entirely new chassis with 80 mm aluminium diaphragms driven by extremely powerful and high-energy density neodymium magnets makes it possible to create this extremely high dynamic range. The cooled voice coils capable of handling high loads provide the woofer with this tremendous range. A 25 mm silk dome with a neodymium magnet faithfully and purely reproduces the highest of frequencies.
The extremely durable aluminium cabinet of the speaker features a connection panel with gold-plated and shielded terminals to prevent short circuits. In this manner the speaker fulfils the high requirements of the CE standards.


MO_10_DMO 10 D

The full range MO 10 D dipole speakers are designed for the rear channels of the Motiv 10 Cinema Set. These ultra-compact rear effects speakers work together with the above-mentioned 80 mm woofers and 25 mm tweeters as a pair: two chassis are on the front and rear of each speaker. In this manner the miniature dipole speakers can even be placed directly next to the wall and still achieve an extremely compelling home theatre sound experience that users of conventional direct-radiating speakers could only dream of.
The new, CE-conformant connection panel accepts cables up to 2.5 mm² in diameter, and the supplied wall mount provides this marvellous compact speaker with the means for excellent positioning on the wall.

Test and Technical Data: Teufel-Motiv 10 Homecinema


A_1000_SWA 1000 SW

Although the A 1000 SW subwoofer has borrowed its basic design from its predecessor, the A 100 SW, it is unparalleled in every other aspect.
The amplifier features 250 Watts RMS power (as opposed to 100 Watts), its volume was increased to 37 litres, and the diaphragm surface expanded to twice its previous size. The change in quality is remarkable. The A 1000 SW reproduces sounds louder, better and with more depth. The trapezoidal shape remained so the woofer can elegantly take its place in a corner of the room. The positive side effect of this placement means higher sound pressure levels!