M 12000 SW Uncle Doc THX Ultra 2 Subwoofer

8. April 2009 0 Von ramses77

Lautsprecher TeufelThis monster of a subwoofer is a testament to our goal of building the best and most powerful subwoofer on the planet.
Its performance completely redefines the term ‘bass response’ in rooms of 150 m2 or more. You will experience movie sound effects in the bass and subsonic range with such force, and not only hear but also feel music with such purity and intensity, that you will want to watch all your favourite films and listen to all your most cherished albums all over again.

“Obviously, the bass monsters vying for the benchmark title in this Cinemax test are a size too big for your average home theatre. You can rarely crank the volume up past 110 dB, just like you can rarely full-throttle a Porsche Carrera on the autobahn. Yet if you’re looking for the ultimate contender, you’re not going to ignore the giants: firstly and foremostly the Teufel subwoofer, which performed so impressively we gave it our “All-Time Best Subwoofer” award.”
(Video 12/2003)

The M 12000 SW THX Ultra 2 may seem a bit large at first, and you certainly won’t be able to hide it away anywhere in your living room. But once you hear the massive bass coming from this subwoofer you won’t want to hide it either! If you enjoy perfect music and film audio, then you need a competent companion who you can always rely on. Uncle Doc fits the bill.

Lautsprecher Teufel Subwoofer


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