High quality sound with slimline look: Teufel Theater LT 2 – Can also be supplied with integrated home cinema receiver

8. April 2009 1 Von ramses77

Lautsprecher TeufelThe LT 2 is the perfect surround solution for customers who don’t want to compromise: A sleek look and way above average sound quality for home cinema applications and music playback. With LT 2 you can have it all – in different configurations, whatever you want!

The 5.1 set with its exceptionally chic design and elaborate hairline finish seems to effortlessly achieve the delicate balance between narrow shape and hi-fidelity sound. Combining both is a fine art that, for reasons of pure physics, requires expertise which, of course, Teufel can provide.


Lautsprecher Teufel


Slender column speakers obviously require the smallest possible speaker cones because of their narrow shape. The columns are then easier to overload when producing lower mid tones than chassis with larger diameters. That is less noticeable in home cinema ranges than with demanding music recordings.

Teufel has designed the shape of the LT 2 satellites so that 10 cm mid tones can still be used. The result: mid-tone reproduction that is clearly expanded downward without the dreaded frequency gap between subwoofer and satellite that makes music playback seem slightly undercooled. Therefore the LT 2 represents an excellent solution specifically for customers that want high-quality music reproduction. And even if you only plan to use the system as a home cinema: you will also be impressed with the “rounded” harmonious sound of the set. The pleasant side effect of using the large, mid-tone chassis is that the subwoofer can be cut off by the AV receiver from as little as 110 Hz. It is therefore no longer locatable, which allows a lot more freedom for placement in the room.
The quality of the centre speaker, which is so important for 5.1 reproduction, has naturally been taken into account in the development of the L 220 C. The same chassis is used here as for the L 220 FR column speakers so that harmonious overall sound is always guaranteed. The table base supplied allows secure and effective form of placement.


L_220_FRL 220 FR

Thanks to its slim shape (1.13m high and just 13.5cm wide) tapering off at the back, this speaker takes up considerably less space than conventional massive wooden speakers.
Good looks don’t come at the expense of acoustic limitations – quite the opposite in this case. The L 220 FR is a flawless hi-fi speaker, perfect for enjoying your favourite music.
The solid aluminium case is not only attractive on the outside but also creates optimal acoustic conditions by being extremely rigid. Two 100mm cone chassis adapted to this environment are responsible for the reproduction of low and medium frequencies, and the 25mm metal dome takes care of all the higher tones.
A glass plate with steel spikes creates sturdiness and gives the sound column a slightly floating appearance.


L_220_CL 220 C

Like nearly all Teufel systems, the L 220 C centre speaker scores points by having the same speaker chassis and casing design as the columns of the set. Experience has shown: this is the only way to guarantee acoustically identical reproduction of all front channels.
Thanks to its slender landscape format, the approx. 43cm wide L 220 C can be easily placed on or below your TV. A matching table base is included as standard. Integrated wall brackets at the rear allow the centre to be attached to a wall – separate brackets are not required! With its minor depth of just 10 centimetres, the centre takes up extremely little room.

Test and Technical Data: Teufel-Theater LT 2


L_220_FCRL 220 FCR

This universal short column-speaker corresponds technologically and dimensionally to the L 220 C centre – but its lettering is arranged to allow high format placement.
It can act as a front speaker, rear speaker or as a rear centre in a 7.1 set. Because of this the LT 2 can always be adapted to your spatial requirements. The set is always guaranteed to produce the perfect ensemble sound.
A pair of these speakers is available separately in the "Theatre LT 2 EX extension set".

Test and Technical Data: Teufel-Theater LT 2


L_2200_SWL 2200 SW

With its elongated shape and narrow front, the new L 2200 SW appears distinguished and reserved. It changes drastically when the subwoofer is fed with heavy bass signals. The downfire 250mm woofer in the bass reflex system and the matching, powerful 300 watt power amplifier create an impressive bass sound celebration.
The remote control supplied allows optimum adjustment of the cut-off frequency to the room acoustics and the satellites. A phase reversing switch allows the woofers to be set up laterally in the room.
Solid spikes safely decouple the appliance from the floor and guarantee a firm bass with a bone-dry character.

Test and Technical Data: Teufel-Theater LT 2


L_2200-6_SWRL 2200/6 SWR

With the L 2200/6 SWR, Teufel didn’t just reinvent the subwoofer but the receiver, too! This attractive bass-master is both rolled into one: Subwoofer and digital receiver.
The full surround receiver integrated into the subwoofer casing guarantees connection of digital and analogue signal sources such as DVD players/recorders, TV, sat receivers, PCs, MP3 players, games consoles or video recorders. A FM/AM radio is included along with Dolby Digital/dts decoder, Dolby Prologic switch and comprehensive setting options.
500 watt output performance from the six-channel amplifier guarantees powerful sound in rooms up to 35m2. Convenient to operate via remote control and front panel the L 2200/6 SW forms the centre of an unrivalled, concentrated home cinema set up.

Test and Technical Data: Teufel-Theater LT 2


The LT 2 is available from Teufel in four configurations:

Theater LT 2 Set 1
with a centre and four column speakers and the Subwoofer L 2200 SW



Theater LT 2 Set 3
with a centre, two “short” and two “long” column speakers and the Subwoofer L 2200 SW



As an alternative to the L 2200 SW, the LT 2 can also contain a subwoofer in the LT 2 + R version, which already has a high-quality surround receiver in its housing. This makes it possible to connect digital and analogue signal sources such as DVD players/recorders, TV, sat receivers, PC, MP3 players, games consoles or video recorders – without the need for any extra appliances.
A AM/FM radio is included along with Dolby Digital/dts decoder, Dolby Prologic switch with extensive setting options. The integrated six-channel amplifier guarantees a maximum total power of 500 watts.

Theater LT 2+R Set 1
with a centre and four column speakers and the Receiver-Subwoofer L 2200/6 SWR



Theater LT 2+R Set 3
with a centre, two “short” and two “long” column speakers and the Receiver-Subwoofer L 2200/6 SWR



Our conclusion
Teufel offers a lot of speaker for the money. But that in itself wouldn’t be a big surprise. What’s sensational is that this surround sound system also reproduces fabulous stereo sound. Care to bet that you’ll experience the world of music DVDs in a new light on the LT 2?