World exclusive: Teufel Theater LT 7 THX – Completely wireless rear surround speakers

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Teufel LT 7 THX Select

Lautsprecher TeufelWith the Theater LT 7, Teufel presents yet another sensational new development that will revolutionise the speaker market. Because this luxurious speaker system brings together a number of trailblazing innovations and remarkable detail solutions.



  • World exclusive: Completely wireless rear surround speakers
  • Absolutely distortion-free digital radio transmission
  • THX® Select licensed Cable-connected speakers
  • Integrated digital signal processor
  • Ideal for rooms up to 50 sqm


THX HeimkinoAt first glance an extremely elegant and beautifully formed design speaker set, the Theater LT 7’s refinements and extraordinary equipment and performance features are only revealed upon closer inspection. Only two of the four slim, 1.42-meter-high M 720 FR THX Select conventional column speakers are connected to a home cinema receiver. Both of the M 720 FR Wireless rear effect speakers, however, function completely without any cables – the only system in the world with this feature!


THX HeimkinoAn extremely high-quality digital transmission system, immune to dispersion, ensures the transmission of audio signals in absolute HiFi quality while integrated high-quality batteries ensure power delivery. The M 720 C THX Select horizontal format centre speaker has an identical chassis configuration as the columns.


THX HeimkinoAnd the M 7200 SW Digital THX Select active subwoofer, with its powerful 700 watt amplifier and two 250 mm woofers, ensures a solid bass foundation, while the integrated DSP sound processor enables the optimal conformity between bass reproduction and room acoustics. And thanks to both of its switchable inputs, the subwoofer can be configured for the best possible stereo audio playback, as well as for impressive multi-channel sound.

The Theater LT 7 is also available without the radio and battery technology, which means the satellite speakers will be controlled by the home cinema receiver. In any case, the Theater LT 7 is an excellent-sounding speaker system with the latest technology. The Concert 5.1 version offers a luxurious set for use in living rooms or home cinemas in spaces up to 50 square meters, if there is no problem with connecting the rear effect speakers via speaker cable. The alternative Concert 5.1 Wireless Digital version comes equipped with the same front speakers and the same subwoofer. This version comes with the M 720 FR Wireless rear effect speakers, which include integrated amplifiers and digital radio transmission and reception technology. These speakers can be set up anywhere in the room, without any cable connections.


Lautsprecher Teufel


M_720_FR_THX_SelectM 720 FR THX Select

These slim column speakers are enclosed in classy 4 mm-thick aluminium cabinets that blend perfectly with state-of-the-art flat panel LCD and plasma TVs used in home theatres.
The rear walls of each tower are painted with a tasteful piano gloss finish available in maple or black gloss. The base plate is made of dark speckled grey granite – a very interesting and attractive mixture of materials.
The hi-tech componentry in the M 720 FR THX Select system ensures that it complies with the highly demanding THX standards. The fully redesigned drivers utilise high-energy density neodymium magnets, which require much less space than previous designs.
Two 130 mm woofers with carbon fibre-reinforced sandwich cones handle all frequencies between 80 and 350 Hz. The venting slots in the sturdy speaker basket provide optimal air circulation.
An 80 mm cone driver with its own enclosure is responsible for all mid-range frequencies up to 1,800 Hz. The brilliant highs are provided by a specially coated 25 mm fabric tweeter that is also equipped with its own enclosure. The heat pipe system protects the tweeter perfectly against high temperatures.

Test and Technical Data: Teufel LT 7 THX Select


M_720_FR_WirelessM 720 FR Wireless

This speaker – based on the same cabinet design and drivers as the M 720 FR – is unsurpassed in its ability to provide audiophile quality at home theatre volumes without any cables! Hence, there is no need to lay cables across your living room, install cable ducts or open your walls to install cables.
How is this possible? Using wireless technology developed exclusively by Teufel, together with high-performance rechargeable batteries. If the transmitter unit (included with the system) is connected to the preamp outputs ‘Rear L/R’ of the receiver or amp, the receiver in M 720 FR Wireless detects the signal and switches on the speakers.

The special feature here is that this digital wireless module is able to transmit the entire frequency range from 20 to 20,000 Hz without distorting. This means that cell phones, microwave ovens or other cordless phones will not interfere with the system. Since the power consumption in standby mode is extremely low, the rechargeable batteries can be used for longer than a week without having to be recharged at a household power socket. An LED on the front of the module warns you in advance when the batteries have to be recharged. The powerful 48 V/2 Ah batteries recharge fully within 48 hours or even while you are using the system.
Each column contains a powerful DSP chip that is used as a digital crossover and splits the audio signal between the four (!) amps. Thus, each single speaker is driven by its own amp.

Test and Technical Data: Teufel LT 7 THX Select


M_720_C_THX_SelectM 720 C THX Select

This impressive centre channel speaker is designed to be installed horizontally on or below a TV or on the wall. Together with a flat screen TV, this makes for a well-balanced and discreet system with outstanding audio qualities.
Even though the M 720 C is only half as wide as the column speakers are tall, these unequal siblings sound absolutely identical to each other. The reasons for this are two-fold: firstly, both speakers use the identical drivers and, secondly, both speakers have the same internal volume. Even though the speaker dimensions are outwardly different, the column speakers are closed off internally towards the bottom to accommodate the wireless and amplifier components of the M 720 FR and thus have the same internal volume. Naturally, the drivers have been arranged on the front of the cabinet to account for the horizontal format of the centre channel speaker. This speaker is enclosed in a solid 4 mm aluminium cabinet.
This speaker can be fastened directly to the wall or set up in your home theatre using the stable granite table stand included with the system.

Test and Technical Data: Teufel LT 7 THX Select


Subwoofer_M_7200_SW_Digital_THX_SelectSubwoofer M 7200 SW Digital THX Select

The M 7200 SW Digital is yet another state-of-the-art subwoofer available at a sensational price – costing merely a fraction of the price for comparable subwoofers from US manufacturers. The M 7200 SW Digital features not only high-performance drivers and amplifiers, but also includes an integrated digital signal processor (DSP) that you can use to optimise the subwoofer to your own listening environment and tastes or to compensate for different types of audio. Using a multi-level setup menu, you can precisely adjust the bass output to match your specific space requirements and prevent interfering bass resonances from occurring.
The M 7200 SW Digital has two separate inputs for stereo and multi-channel modes that you can use to specify and save settings for your various application scenarios. For instance, you can store two different frequency response curves in the two programmable setup modes; e.g. one for classical CDs and one for fast-paced DVD action movies. On top of this, a basic Teufel setup (lower cut-off frequency: 30 Hz) and two THX Select programmes I & II (lower cut-off frequencies: 35 Hz and 25 Hz, respectively) are also available.
The DSP offers a wide range of adjustment options: Firstly, both setup modes allow you to configure the volume level and the time delays/phase relationships. Secondly, you can also choose the upper and lower cut-off frequencies as well as the filter characteristic (slew rate). The parametric equaliser allows you to further fine-tune the sound in addition to the three different cut-off frequencies. For instance, you can attenuate narrow band resonant frequencies caused by the room, doors, floors or other furniture. Using these same parameters, you can perfectly adjust your system to match any room or listening taste. You can even separately configure the stereo RCA preamp outputs to supply an additional subwoofer or control a stereo amplifier.

Test und Technical Data: Teufel LT 7 THX Select


The sheer force of the Theater LT 7 subwoofer is provided by 250 mm long-stroke woofers operating in tandem. With their extremely sturdy die-cast aluminium baskets, huge 50 mm voice coil and powerful, compact neodymium magnets, this is one of the most advanced subwoofer systems currently available anywhere in the world. The active 350 watt RMS amplifier offers as much as 700 W peak power and can really drive this subwoofer duo. The folded, 80 cm-long reflex channel ensures that basses extend linearly down to 25 Hz without distorting. This effect is achieved without the need for the circuitry gimmicks used in other subwoofers that invariably colour the sound. It goes without saying that the air flow in the reflex channel of the Teufel M 7200 SW Digital has been optimised using our proprietary DPU technology so that hardly any wind noise is generated even at very high listening volumes.


Lautsprecher Teufel


The M 7200 SW Digital allows Teufel to once again underscore its leading role in presenting future-oriented subwoofer technology at today’s prices.