Teufel Theater 4 Hybrid – 5.2 hybrid system with dual integrated active subwoofers

8. April 2009 2 Von ramses77

Theater 4 Hybrid

1.21 Logo 100x42At first glance, the Theater 4 Hybrid looks like any other conventional home cinema set with two column speakers and no subwoofers. But don’t be fooled – the newest generation of the Theater 4 offers much more. This addition to the Teufel product line is a 5.2 set with two active subwoofers integrated into two column speakers for a combined bass power of 350 watts!
Based on the success of the large Theater 5 Hybrid, we offer the Theater 4 Hybrid as a somewhat smaller model designed according to same principle of active/passive hybrid technology.

Given a comparable level of sound quality, this model naturally has a lower volume range than its bigger brother, yet it is still perfectly suitable for rooms up to 50 sqm. Its smaller dimensions mean it’s easier for you to integrate the set into your home and at a significantly lower price!


HeimkinoWith the Theater 4 Hybrid we offer a column speaker surround sound set with two active subwoofers at a price that can only be found at Teufel.
The new Theater 4 Hybrid is available in an elegant beech/black or completely black finish and centres around the two M 420 F column speakers that can deliver massive sound despite their lean design.


Theater 4 Hybrid EndstufeThe primary reason for this are the two subwoofers integrated in the sides of the columns. These subwoofers are not separated by a passive crossover as is typically the case, but are used to drive the 250 millimetre laterally positioned woofer chassis with their own 175 watt amplifiers.

Advantage number one: the receiver has less work to do and can provide its output power exclusively for the satellite speakers – which dramatically improves the ease of the sound.
Advantage number two: Space for a separate bass cube is no longer needed.
Advantage number three: The subwoofer does not cost anything extra because everything is already contained in the column speakers!


Lautsprecher Teufel


The active subwoofers in the column speakers can be controlled through the sub-out output of the AV receiver using a Y adaptor or the speaker terminals of a stereo amplifier. This universal connectivity means that the M 420 F speakers, which are also available separately in pairs, can be used as a fantastic stereo column system with incredible bass potential.
The two subwoofer chassis of both hybrid columns provides you with twice the amount of cone surface that is standard for this class. More cone surface is still the most effective way of providing maximum airflow and hence maximum bass.


HeimkinoIn addition to stunning bass, all five speakers used in the Theater 4 Hybrid also include an optimally fitted 25 mm dome tweeter and two 130 mm fibreglass midbass drivers in a D’Appolito configuration.
Identical chassis configuration is still the best guarantee for harmonic surround sound reproduction!
The centre speaker can be placed below/above the TV screen while the M 320 R rear speakers can unobtrusively be positioned in the rear zone. Either wall-mounted or on speaker stands.
The five speakers used in the Theater 4 Hybrid work in unison to give you an incredible surround sound experience that will even affect you on an emotional level. Only Teufel can offer you a home cinema system with more depth of sound, more bass range, more dynamic impulse for such a low price.

Test and Technical Data: Teufel-Theater 4 Hybrid "Concert-Set 5.2"


M_420_FM 420 F

The M 420 F column speaker is much more than a conventional column speaker. The special hybrid construction of this speaker allows it to simultaneously function as a passive stereo speaker and an active subwoofer.
Two 130 mm carbon fibre woofers and a 25 mm neodymium tweeter have been implemented in each speaker using the tried-and-tested D’Appollito configuration. Flanked by a 250 mm side-firing subwoofer, the M 420 F has a full-bodied response with incredible bass – and all in an ultra thin design!
The remarkable bass performance of this speaker is made possible by a separate 175 W amplifier which is solely responsible for the subwoofer channel. The tweeter/mid-range driver is located above, and is passively decoupled to handle frequencies from 90 Hz upwards. This driver can easily be seen from the front and is acoustically isolated within the column.
The universal design of the integrated active subwoofer allows it to be connected to the ‘Sub Out’ of your AV receiver or the speaker terminals of your stereo amplifier. In any case, this relieves your amplifier/receiver from bass duties and frees it up to concentrate more on the other frequency ranges.
With a pair of M 420 F speakers, you will dramatically improve the quality of the bass response in your stereo system. When used in a surround sound system, these two column speakers essentially add two subwoofers to your system.
A three-stage volume selector switch allows you to select how much bass is split between the subwoofer and tweeter/mid-range drivers and thus match the system to your listening environment.
This active/passive design delivers bass all the way down to 35 Hz and can generate sound pressure levels as high as 103 dB/m! A pair of M 420 F speakers can easily fill a 50 m2 room with sound without distorting.

Test and Technical Data: Teufel-Theater 4 Hybrid "Concert-Set 5.2"


Center-Lautsprecher_M_420_CCenter-Speaker M 420 C

This center speaker is the perfect match for the active/passive M 420 F column speakers.
The two 2 x 130 mm fibreglass woofers with a metal phase plug and single 25 mm neodymium dome tweeter make this speaker identical to the front column speakers – naturally without the subwoofer, which would be superfluous for the centre channel.
This horizontal speaker is based on the THX standard and utilises a D’Appolito configuration for excellent sound dispersion so that speech remains highly intelligible even for listeners situated outside of the optimum listening position.
With a high maximum power rating of 180 W, this center channel speaker can also be used in rooms up to 50 m2 in size.

Test and Technical Data: Teufel-Theater 4 Hybrid "Concert-Set 5.2"


M_420_RM 420 R

Rear channel duties in the new Theater 4 system are handled by the M 420 R, a classic bookshelf speaker.
By using the same drivers as the three front speakers – 130 mm fibreglass woofer and 25 mm fabric dome tweeter – the surround sound of this system is highly balanced.
With a maximum power rating of 90 W, this speaker has sufficient reserves to handle loud signals on the rear channels.



  • 5.2 set with hybrid design
  • Two active subwoofers integrated in the column speakers
  • All speakers share the same chassis configuration
  • Compatible with all AV receivers
  • Suitable for rooms up to 50 sqm