Teufel Theater 5 Hybrid Concert-Set – you basically get two active subwoofers for the price of none!

8. April 2009 1 Von ramses77

Lautsprecher TeufelWith its active/passive M 520 F floorstanding speakers, this set is not a compact design but rather an ensemble of speakers that also actually look like loudspeakers. It is designed for people who want to prominently display their speakers in the living room rather than try to hide them. Once installed, Theater 5 owners will be rewarded with a sound quality whose impact, liveliness and emotion will vanquish all other contenders in this price category. Without mercy.

Releasing the Theater 5 Hybrid and its central M 520 F floorstanding speaker is a return to roots for Lautsprecher Teufel: large floorstanding speakers with an awe-inspiring design in the tradition of classics such as the LT 55 or LT 66.

Teufel Theater 5 Hybrid Concert-Set Teak

This set does not however signal a departure from Teufel’s current philosophy of combined subwoofer/satellite speakers. The M 520 F is actually both: floorstanding speaker AND subwoofer/satellite combination. The 1.15 meter high column with 25 mm cloth dome tweeter and two 160 mm fibreglass midbass drivers in a D’Appolito configuration houses an active subwoofer with a 190 watt amplifier driving a laterally-positioned 300 millimetre large bass chassis.

With the Theater 5 Hybrid you basically get two active subwoofers for the price of none! Meaning free. And you don’t have to make space for a separate bass cube because everything is already contained in the columns!
The active subwoofers in the floorstanding speakers can be controlled by the sub-out output of the AV receivers using a Y adaptor or the speaker terminals of a stereo amplifier. Because they are available in pairs, the M 520 F can be used as a fantastic Stereo Set.

Test and Technical Data: Teufel Theater 5 Hybrid


The two subwoofer chassis of both hybrid floorstanding speakers features twice the amount of diaphragm surface that is standard for this class. And a larger diaphragm surface is still the most effective way of providing maximum airflow and hencemaximum bass.


Lautsprecher Teufel


In the 5.2 concert set, the M 520 F is supported by the M 520 C centre speaker equipped with the same tweeter and midbass chassis – which follows the Teufel philosophy of identical configuration in the front speaker row. The result is unbelievably harmonious sound quality from the entire front row, which can also be attributed to the wide sound directivity characteristics of the centre and column speakers.

Test and Technical Data: Teufel Theater 5 Hybrid


The rear zone of the system is supplemented by two M 520 R rear speakers which also feature the same chassis configuration. In combination with the Front row these speakers produce an incredibly balanced and full-ranged sound that can fill rooms of up to 70 sqm.

Teufel Theater 5 Hybrid Stereo Set TeakThe entire set offers a stage of such lively sound that listening to multi-channel music DVDs can be literally breathtaking. This doesn’t mean the set is lacking in terms of home cinema playback. On the contrary!
The Theater 5 Hybrid provides clear proof that the easiest way to get the best results is to rely on “classical” methods: increased housing volume, large diaphragm surface, solid chassis technology, proven D’Apollito configuration plus a great deal of “inspiration” (see active/passive subwoofer in the front speaker). This is the only method that results in the Theater 5 Hybrid’s outstanding sound quality. Sound that can affect you both emotionally as well as physically.